Burning Man 2002

Over the years I have shot lots of video at the Burning Man festival. Most of this footage has not been shared. But in 2002, 2006 and 2007 I put together short videos of each of those years and shared these completed pieces with friends and on YouTube. Now I bring them to Propagandada.

Burning Man is held every year in Northwestern Nevada on the Black Rock Desert at a place named Black Rock City, NV., during the week preceding the Labor Day holiday. Black Rock City becomes one of the largest populated sites in the state of Nevada during at that time. There is a post office, multiple newspapers, radio stations and a Department of Public Works. The only things offered for sale are ice and coffee – everything else to survive people bring themselves. A gift economy flourishes. It is a pack it in/pack it out event, and for the most part people abide by that rule. It is a huge party, but it is also a place where loads of hard work happens so that all of the art and things that happen out there can happen. I like to tell people that it is “the most work I ever Love!” every year. I have been eleven times since 1997 and consider myself a local out there.

First up is 2002, sliced into two parts due to the constraints of Youtube.

Part One:  Burning Man 2002 – The Floating World  (as seen thru the eyes of a firefly with an ear for marching bands)

Part Two:  Burning Man 2002 – The Floating World (as seen thru the eyes of a firefly with an ear for marching bands)

more soon…