Welcome to Week One of True Propagandada

January 29th, 2017

Welcome back to Propagandada!!!  

So I noticed that I didn’t post anything in 2014 or 2016, and only twice in 2013 and once in 2015.  I’ve been busy with taking care of my Mom and social media gets more attention than this blog so I let Propaganda languish.  But look out folks, it’s 2017.  Mom is still here, though not sure for how long.  She enters Year 4 since her affliction has made her completely unable to care for herself.  This isn’t going to be about that however.  

The world has been spun around on it’s heels in the past week since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the United States of America’s 45th President.  The amount of propagandada material generated just in one week has sparked what can only be called a rebirth for this site.  Maybe a redesign is in order…

The first week of the Trump Presidency has been a total shitshow.  From obsessing over Inauguration attendance, a lying press secretary spouting “alternative facts”, executive orders that outraged many, to the largest Women’s Rights March ever and as I write, 1000s of people protesting in many of the country’s international airports over an order banning travel from 7 Middle Eastern countries.  And on top of all this, the coup de grace, or maybe the coup d’etat, an announcement yesterday that the US Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were removed from the list of permanent attendees in the President’s National Security Council and replaced with Trump advisor Steve Bannon.  Oh yeah, did I mention the falling out between the Administration and Mexico over the Wall that will never get built because we can’t afford it?  Or the resignation of the top four senior officials in the State Department rather than serve under Rex Tillerson?  Or that Jeffrey Sessions might actually get approved to be our next AG? And what did Trump and Putin really talk about?  And he says during a interview on ABC that torture works? and that there was voter fraud that cost him the popular vote?  and that they wanna strike down the ACA asap???  Plus there’s more that I missed I’m sure.

People are saying on the tv to give Trump a chance, he’s just getting started… but he’s the equivalent of a bull in a glass shop.  He doesn’t seem to understand that he can start a war with just a tweet though that might be just what he wants to do.

Popular Twitter hashtags of the week tell the story in 140 characters or less: #SpicerFacts #StopPresidentBannon #NotNormal #AltFacts #RogueNASA #AltNatParkSer #MuslimBan #NoBanNoWall 

It’s almost all too much to believe that these are some of the events which have happened in here in the USofA this past week.  If the administration wasn’t trying to capitalize so much on people’s fears it might be funny.  Some of it is so surreal it is funny.  There is definitely a Dada element to Trump’s performance, and the propaganda meters are vibrating off the scales.  The events of the past week have sparked many artists and activists into action.  Alternative facts are popping up everywhere we look!  More later… in the meantime, some humor below and here.

Driving Through the Countryside on President’s Day

February 16th, 2015

Old farmhouse between Aurora and Canby, Oregon. Sunset on I-205 crossing over the Columbia River heading North. Shot while driving, edited at the Laurelwood Pub on iPhone 4S with Snapseed. President’s Day 2015.



Dolls are Creepier than Clowns

March 21st, 2013




Insight #1 of 2013

January 8th, 2013

I often have some of my best insights of any given day while thinking in the shower. So on January 5th i was thinking about the state of the world. It dawned on me that we empower one another to do Everything. Sometimes even when we’re empowered we might fail. Sometimes we empower the wrong people, like politicians, and then it becomes a race to disempower one another.

If someone has an awesome idea for an art project, and their friends think it is worth helping out on, they put their energy together and make it happen. Another variation of that is a sports team. Or even a corporation, or an open source software project, like WordPress. Crowd sourcing is another variation, such as Kickstarter.com.

Unfortunately, there have been way too many examples of treachery overtaking trust as the way people get power in the World’s history.

But when trust is earned and empowerment given, there has been beautiful results, time and time again.

That’s what I was thinking about in the shower the other day…

That same day my Dad brought my Mom to the Emergency Room at a local hospital. She was dehydrated, catching bronchitus, and experiencing severe mental disorientation, nor had she eaten anything for a day or two. Also that day I hung out with one of my only first cousins that I have, & his son, who I’d never met. It was the second time I’d seen Greg since 1987. The other time was a few months ago at my uncle’s funeral. His son has the same first and last name as I do. Wierd.

I went down to see my Ma on Sunday. They had her in restraints. She had ripped out the IV tubes earlier. She didn’t know where she was. It was painful to see but she was happy to see me and my Pa. She was scared and confused for moments, then in good spirits, then, down, then up again. This is brutal. She would not eat the food they had brought her. Later in the day she ate a few grapes and we got her to drink maybe twelve to sixteen ounces of water. I got her to smile for a photo though.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with empowerment. I just know I love my mother and would do anything to empower her to get well. 2013 has started out in a very surreal way.


Brother Gerard Foley, 1929 – 2012 AD

December 13th, 2012

Brother Gerard Foley, Trappist Monk, RIP

My Uncle Dick, known by his brothers at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey as Brother Gerard, left this worldly plane (sp?) of existence last night around 11:15pm Pacific time. The journey he began in service to the Lord 56 years ago is finally over, and he is now able to claim his reward for his faithful life of service to the world. He was in hospice care for the last two weeks or so, had lost his appetite and was in steady pain. Thankfully, he was able to go back to the monastery which he called home for his final day here on Earth.  Click the image below to visit his memorial gallery.


LOT at FoF

November 14th, 2012

Ribbon cutting for the first 787 delivery to Europe…



Old School Pizzeria, Olympia, WA

August 2nd, 2012

Old School Pizzeria in Olympia, WA is a good, low key place to stop for a slice if Northbound traffic on I-5 is backed up around Dupont/Ft. Lewis. Don’t let the bathroom photo scare you off… their thin crust pizza is done right. The decor inside will reinforce the fact that the Reagan years were just not that great. Visit them to see what I mean!

Rainbows and unicorns yo!




Cat is My Co-pilot

April 27th, 2012



Why SOPA is a Bad Idea

January 18th, 2012

Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

Clay Shirky explains SOPA and PIPA in plain terms and what might happen if they pass