Been Listening to the Wrong Radio Station?

Sometimes I run across things on the internet that need to shared with other people.  Today’s case in point: a poet named Benjamin Zephaniah that lives in London, England. I share this because his words resonated such truth when I first listened to them this weekend.   He articulates things I’ve  thought to myself better than I might ever be able to do.  I’d never heard of Benjamin before the other day when I heard him reciting his poem “Rong Radio” on a radio show called “New World Notes” in an episode called “The Unheard Voice of the Majority”. This episode is all about how the media, corporations, politicians and the elites don’t want people to realize that folks on both the left and right have more in common with each other than they would ever want to believe or recognize, and that is just fine with the powers that be.  Check out the video for “Rong Radio” by Zephaniah, made in 2006.  So many good little sound bites in there and memes within it, and so outspoken!  I kind of like the radio show version better, which was recorded in the back of a taxi, and doesn’t have the beats and music in the background, just street noise.  Turns out he’s written a few books and plays, put out a few albums, has received honorary doctorates from numerous universities  and has quite an extensive website at  So I just bought his cd “Naked” online 🙂

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