He Who Hesitates…

misses out on the lower price tickets.  Happy Valentines Day Lovers!  Case in point… I hesitated to buy my tickets to the 2010 Beloved Festival on Friday when they went on sale.

The price Friday was $108 (single ticket) for the four day festival, but I didn’t think that I needed to buy right that instant.  Wrong!  When I looked today the price is now $144!!!   Darn, missed the lowest tier again!  Oh well.  The month of August is just about booked for me now.  And the tickets made a really nice Valentines Day present too 🙂

beloved 2010

Beloved - Oregon Open Air Sacred Art & Music Festival

Last year’s Beloved was one of the best festival experiences I have had in a very long time.  The coastal forest setting in the hills just West of Waldport, Or was wonderfully calm and comfortable for this Northwesterner.  It almost made tears come to my eyes when I thought about how much easier to survive it was in the forest compared to the desert of Burning Man.  Fog instead of windy, dusty whiteouts – what a concept!  And not a single stumbling drunk in the bunch to bother anyone as you might have had at a more rawkish festival such as Coachella or Sasquatch.  The intent of creating a sacred event in which people could share the beauty of living on this wondrous planet really shined – from the booking of the talent (so tasty and juicy!), to the sound and light crew who kept things clear throughout, to the workshops, to even the choice of food vendors and the portable sauna and shower company that provided the space to go get squeaky clean.  All my interactions with festival staff was amazingly positive considering the workload that was thrust upon them as camping and parking space rapidly dwindled.  I’ve already gushed about Beloved on this website earlier – please check out the short excerpt of the Beats Antique performance I video recorded here.  One of these days I will get around to posting some of the photos I took at last summer’s Beloved.

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