Oracle Gathering: The Fountain photos


Oracle Gathering: The Fountain

Last weekend was the 23rd and final Oracle Gathering.  It was a sweet, intimate festival, a fitting conclusion to an eight year run of near mythic parties.  The setting was magnificent.  The people were kind and friendly.  The music was danceable and spatial and sounded great – Filistine, Bluetech, Androcell and Pitch Black were highlights for me.  The prayer-formance of “The Fountain” was moving and verged on trancendent.  The daytime weather was hot and the river was cool.  My good friend Lorenzo Hagerty was there to give a lecture about the Genesis Generation, visiting all the way from San Diego with his lovely wife Mary C and their friends from Ashland who I got to hang out with for a few hours, which was nice considering none of us are going to Burning Man this year.

Check out my gallery of photos from my visit to The Fountain.

If you are interested in finding out more background, visit the official Oracle Gathering website – they actually lost some money on the festival, so maybe you might want to order a deck of the Oracle cards or something from them.

One worthwhile note:  judging by the evidence left on the ground Sunday night, the attendee’s adoption of the Leave No Trace ethic seems to have been near 100% .

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