Lucky Day

by The Yard Dogs Road Show

DIRECTED BY DUGAN O’NEAL from Dugan O'Neal on Vimeo.

I just LOVE The Yard Dogs Roadshow.  Why?  Because they are lovable!  And cute.

Hailing from good ol’ San Francisco, California, they have one of the best nouveau-vaudevillian shows on the planet. Basically rock stars in that milieu actually.  Talented musicians, burlesque dancers, magicians, fire eaters, sword swallowers, accordian players that tap dance upside-down, who name it!  And stylish?  They got the whole steam-punk ethic and look down pat.  Of course, none of that is evident from this video. Did I mention they are contrarians of a sort?

“Lucky Day” was produced 7 months ago and is presented here now for your pleasure. Forget about all the wars and health care debates going on right now and simply enjoy this little piece of sunshine for a nice, lazy, hot August day!

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